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This is the ultimate customizable candle! 

 -- Candle jars come in 3 colors ( Clear, Blue or Amber)
 -- Each color jar comes in 3 sizes: (2oz, 4oz, 9oz)
 -- Pick your scent
 -- Pick your label color
 -- Paint stroke accent on label comes in 200 colors from solid colors to glitter colors! 

 Match any décor or celebration you need! 

**NOTE** the color chart shows the solid color paint strokes from 1 - 100. Each number also can be made into a glitter paint stroke (see photo with glitter strokes marked 1-100).


-  Text on candle will be the same font and color as shown in listing photos.
-  2oz label is smaller (3"w x 1"h) and will be difficult to read with too much text. Please keep this in mind as you order.