Brews and Football
Brews and Football
Brews and Football
Brews and Football
Brews and Football

Brews and Football

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"Brews and Football" Scented Candle

Do you have a football fan in your house? Do they also like beer AND football? You can even layer the candle colors to match their favorite team!

Candle comes with 2 scent layers, the bottom layer is beer scented, and the top layer is Hot Buttered Popcorn scented.

This is the ultimate customizable candle!

-- Each color jar comes in 2 sizes: (4oz, 9oz)

-- Pick your label color (white or kraft)

-- Layers of candle come in 2 colors if you'd like to match them to their/your favorite team.


  1. Select Jar (Choose the Jar Volume & Label Color) in the drop down boxes
  2. The listing photos show the candle wax colors that you can choose from. Please choose 2 colors as the candle is layered. The first color you choose will be the top layer and the second layer you choose will be the bottom layer.

***In the "TEAM COLORS" box, please include the names of the 2 colors you want (For Example: Navy & Orange)

**If you don't send me this information, the wax will be creamy white.**


- Text on candle will be the same font and color as shown in listing photos, this is not editable. - 2oz label is smaller (3"w x 1"h) and will be difficult to read with too much text. Please keep this in mind as you order.

Candles feature clean, renewable soy wax made from soybeans grown in the USA with naturally lead-free, cotton wicks and high quality fragrance oils.When the candle has finished burning, simply wash out the container with soap and warm water and reuse.

Please note that it is common for soy candles to have slight frosting or a top that isn't perfectly smooth. This has no effect on how the candle burns or produces scent. Also note that wet spots or splotches can occur in the candle. Don't worry, there is nothing wrong with the candle. This is simply the wax separating from the glass container due to changes in temperature, either while cooling after being made or when the environment changes (possibly during shipping). There is not much that can be done about this, however it has no effect on the way the candle produces a scent. Sooting and smoking can occur with ANY wax/wick combination. To correct, trim wick and move to a draft free environment.