Some Days I'm Extra Witchy Halloween Candle
Some Days I'm Extra Witchy Halloween Candle
Some Days I'm Extra Witchy Halloween Candle
Some Days I'm Extra Witchy Halloween Candle
Some Days I'm Extra Witchy Halloween Candle
Some Days I'm Extra Witchy Halloween Candle

Some Days I'm Extra Witchy Halloween Candle

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A spooky way to add some Halloween vibes to your home. 

Customize your candle by picking your:

- Jar Size

- Jar Color

- Scent

- Label Color


  1. Select Jar Size in the first drop down box
  2. Then Select Jar Color
  3. Pick your Label Color (Either White or Kraft Brown)
  4. Pick your Scent Choice


-  Text on candle will be the same font and color as shown in listing photos.
-  2oz label is smaller (3"w x 1"h) and will be difficult to read with too much text. Please keep this in mind as you order. 


ABSINTHE & FIG - Star anise, spicy cinnamon, fresh green herbal notes blended with fennel, nutmeg and cassia mixed with sun ripened figs green apples and light woody notes.

ABSINTHE & OCEAN AIR - Star anise, spicy cinnamon, fresh green herbal notes blended with fennel, nutmeg and cassia mixed with Musky sea weed, green ozone and salty sea breezes.

ALMOND MACARON - Warm, buttery top notes blend with crushed almond, sugar, warm vanilla and a dash of spice.

AMBER NOIR - fusion of mandarin, jasmine, rich amber, sandalwood and musk. This one is a great unisex scent.

AMBER & OAK - hints of citrus, and an infusion of sage that enhance the earthy quality. Lavender adds a soft floral and herbal touch while oakmoss, amber, and tonka. Appeals to both males and females.

BAJA CACTUS BLOSSOM - alluring beauty of a cactus flower captured in a blend of fresh white flowers, green cactus stems and sun-kissed coconut

BAMBOO & ORCHID – Ocean breezes with botanicals, tropical flowers and a watery base of musk.

BIRCH & BERRIES - Tart berries, sweetened by a hint of vanilla. Combined with pine and birch earthiness. A great fall & holiday scent.

BIRCH & BLACK PEPPER- A great masculine scent, oriental woodsy blend with cool spiciness.

BLACK CURRANT TEA - Dark currant, black tea, and enchanting floral overtones

BLACK GINGER & BAMBOO – Exotic, rich ginger swirled with freshly cut bamboo

BLACKBERRY SAGE – Fresh, herbaceous sage & juicy blackberries.

BLUEBERRY MUFFIN – Sweet and inviting aroma of juice blueberries mixed with baked vanilla

BOURBON TOBACCO - Fresh pipe tobacco infused with warm, rich bourbon.

BUTTER COOKIE – Just like the Danish cookies in a tin canister

BUTTERSCOTCH & BOURBON- Rich, creamy butterscotch intertwines with the oak barrel aged notes of bourbon whiskey and fragrant, sweet vanilla

CACTUS & JADE – Green & Floral, Sweet agave, watery aloe, chrysanthemum petals, patchouli base notes.

CARAMEL PRALINES - Notes of sea salt, caramelized sugar, and rich brown sugar envelope nutty pecan and hazelnut

CASHMERE CEDAR – A scent for both men and women alike, vanilla sugar, jasmine, vanilla orchid, cedarwood, musk.

CEDAR LEAF & LAVENDER - Fields of French lavender mingle with soft greens and enchanting woods.

CHAMPAGNE – Bubbly, fresh and effervescent .

CHERRY ALMOND – A true classic. Layers of sweet almond with bunches of cherries and a base of vanilla.

CHERRY PIPE TOBACCO - Smoky tobacco leaf with a touch of sweet honey with background notes of leather, cedarwood, cherry wood and vanilla bean.

CINNAMON BUNS & COFFEE - Ground Coffee Beans, sweet and spicy cinnamon and brown sugar.

CITRUS AGAVE – A dead ringer for the Capri Volcano Candles

COCOA BUTTER CASHMERE – A warm & cozy fragrance that wraps you in warm spices, rich coco butter, comfy vanilla and coconut.

COTTON CANDY – Packed full of sugar, sticky and sweet.

COZY COTTON – Like fresh laundry right out of the dryer.

EGYPTIAN AMBER - vanilla, dark musk, and sandalwood, citrus top note, rich amber rounds out with a touch of jasmine.

EGYPTIAN COTTON - Clean and crisp top notes of orange zest and fresh greens highlight a feminine bouquet of jasmine, orchid vanilla and violet on a warm background of rosewood, sandalwood, and soft musk.

FARMHOUSE APPLE – Right from the tree, fresh, juicy, red apples.

FIREPLACE – The deep and sultry union of smoke and wood into a warm union of clove, amber, sandalwood, and patchouli.

FLANNEL – A warming combination of bergamot, mahogany and musk, a cozy unisex scent.

FLUFFY MARSHMALLOW – Sweet sugary vanilla marshmallows.

FOREST TRAIL – A perfect, outdoor combination of Blue Spruce, green grass and white birch

FRESH BAKED BREAD – Warm and yeasty, fresh out of the oven.

FRUIT PUNCH – blending of orange, lime, cherry and vanilla.

GOLDEN SANDS – Golden, sandy beaches and warm surf.

HAWAIIAN COCONUT – Caribbean coconut blended with a hint of tropical flowers.

HAZELNUT COFFEE – The nutty aroma of toasted hazelnut, fresh coffee and a touch of cream.

HONEY LAVENDER GELATO - A delightful lavender treat with fresh violet, cool blackberries, raspberries and topped off with creamy vanilla and warm honey for a sweet finish.

LAVENDER SANDALWOOD - Aromatic lavender highlights golden amber, forest moss, cedar and soft powder.

LAVENDER & WHITE SAGE – A calming blend of Lavender, chamomile, herbaceous sage and rosemary

LEATHER – A dead ringer for rich and smooth leather.

LEMON VERBENA – Uplifting lemon and lemongrass. Bright and citrusy.

MAGNOLIA – White magnolia trees

MIDNIGHT BOURBON – A rich and luxurious masculine fragrance that is less about the alcohol and more about the spice and warmth. Clove, peppercorn, bergamot and musk round this out.

OATMEAL MILK & HONEY - Soothing, warm oatmeal with a sugary note of fresh honey and light almond

PALO SANTO PATCHOULI – A woody scent of warm spices blended with patchouli and sandalwood creating an enticing and earth aroma. Reminiscent of a men’s cologne.

PLUM BLUSH – A surprise hit for everyone! Juicy plums with gardenia, fruity strawberries and raspberries rounded out with leafy greens and jasmine.

PUMPKIN SPICE – Toasted pumpkin and warm spices.

ROSE & HONEY – Rose petals mixed with a subtle sweet notes of honey.

SALTY SEA AIR – Oceanic water with crisp sea salt, this one is light and fresh but can fill a room!

SANDALWOOD & SUEDE - Rich dark chocolate, cedar, & suede sprinkled with green herbs & jasmine held together with luscious woods, amber, & velvet musks.

SEA SALT & ORCHID - Smooth and elegant spa-like blend of soft floral notes with sea salt highlights.

SMOKED VANILLA – Balances smoke and vanilla. Great for the man that likes vanilla, yet smoky and rustic enough to make it a unique for a man.

SNICKERDOODLE COOKIE - Cinnamon and sugar in a buttery cookie dough base.

SOUTHERN SWEET TEA – Freshly brewed, flavored with lemon and sugar for a hot afternoon.

SPA DAY - Lemongrass and black currant with hints of patchouli and sugarcane.

STRAWBERRIES & CREAM - Plump, ripe strawberries with sweet whipped cream.

SWEET ORANGE & CHILI PEPPER – A citrus explosion of orange juice, Valencia oranges, tangerines, with bergamot, spicy chili pepper, black pepper and soft musk. Sounds strange, but enjoyable and unique.

TURQUOISE WATERS – A great spa-like scent, fresh, clean and airy. Brisk salty air, ocean waves and sea grasses.

VANILLA CAKE – Rich buttercream frosting and vanilla cake.

VANILLA WOODS – A sweet and woody mix of white birch and fluffy marshmallows.

WEEKEND PALMS - Palm Trees, Sea Minerals, Touch of Champagne

WHITE BIRCH – Aromatic and crisp, pine top notes with eucalyptus, and cypress undertones.

WHITE TEA – Feminine, soothing and pleasant. The ultimate, luxurious spa fragrance. Notes of mandarin and bergamot. Thyme and ginger add an herbal spice that blends beautifully with jasmine blossoms. Chrysanthemum petals and white tea buds round out the base of this exquisite fragrance. A favorite by all who purchase this.